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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Moving In

She just comes in and helps herself to the food and drink, makes herself comfortable, invites her friends to come and join her and does whatever she wants. No respect, no thanks, no gratitude. And when I have had enough of her gimmie, gimmie attitude and ask her to leave what does she do? She ignores me. Do you think I would go to her house and go about eating her food and bringing my friends to party? No, of course not. But, she does not give it a second thought. As if I owe her a living. As if I owe her the comfort she demands.

Of all the places in the world she could go, why does she have to pick on me? This is my house. I pay the rent, not her. In fact, she does not even offer to pay rent or offer any kind of compensation. Nor does she bring home groceries to share. No, she just assumes that her food and shelter will be provided. And, who invited her anyway?

And she eats, eats, eats. And what she can not eat she chews up in an effort to eat what ever she can get her teeth into. Why doesn't she take up chewing tobacco? That would keep her chewing response alive and well.

It is not enough that she is pees and poops on my floor and in the cabinets every night. No, that is not enough. She has to steal my pens and pencils as well. Then she helps herself to other small items, items easily concealed. Items like my USB memory sticks, my small San Disks and other valuable items so long as they are small. Well, for the record, I have had it. I am fed up to here!

I know it is not the wholesome thing to wish for, but quite frankly, I wish she were gone. And since she will not leave on her own, I am forced to take drastic measures to throw her out for good. Pesky little pack rat! Lets see if she likes the new tainted food I put out for her. 

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