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Friday, July 24, 2015

Open Letter to our physician

Dear Dr. Fishead
Thank You for being our family doctor these past four-teen years. We are in our seventies now and have relied upon you for health guidance and medical advice through these years. Sadly, what has been missing though has been any discussion from you on healing or health improvement. Instead, our office visits with you have settled into three distinct categories: 1) Surgery- for the chronic colitis you offered to remove part of the colon if the diarrhea should become unbearable. 2) Life long pharmaceuticals: or should I say drugs, not for healing but only to control symptoms of chronic medical conditions: one for the frequent urination problem another for swelling in the lower legs and ankles and yet another for the slightly high blood pressure.  3) Antibiotics for various infections.
Today however, we wish to report to you that we have resolved, or healed if you prefer, each of the chronic medical conditions with the help of several holistic health news letters and our related searches on the Internet. As it turned out, all we needed were some key changes to our diet and what we were eating and not eating- some pretty simple and inexpensive moves, those were. We have no medical training but still did all of this without your learned help. Sorry there was no lucrative surgery for you to perform and those life long drug prescriptions have become unnecessary. Thank you for the colonoscopy and antibiotics, though. Guess we won't be seeing you for a while. Those office visits are quite expensive these days.
Your humble income providers,

Mr. and Mrs. Little Fish
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