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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Get Dirty

Their Results:
Maximum Possible ©©©©© =5
They rate              ©            =1

A relationship with this brand of poor compatibility only comes along once in awhile. Kourtney and Scott really have nothing of value between them in regard to love. Often, a relationship like this begins when the couples have no clear idea of compatibility or what it is or, when excessive manipulation by one or both of the party’s is in play.

Of the 21 categories that measure their compatibility, the 3 highest grades come in with a C; 14 are in the range of D-, D or D+ and 4 have a C- grade. That calculates out with an 86% negative rating.

With Kourtney and Scott the questions arises as to what this union really is. We have an ambitious celebrity desperate to climb the popular ratings ladder and further her career. Is this affair only a ploy to further her star ratings? That is to say, so long as she makes money and attracts constant recognition from the gossip buzz and tabloids, will she think it worth it? Was having a baby just another way to draw attention to herself or was it to buoy up a non functioning relationship? What about the child in all of this?

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