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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Find Peace

Their Results:
Maximum Possible ©©©©© =5
They rate                ©©© ©   =4

These two are fortunate to have found this kind of well-balanced compatibility so early and their lives. They are however very young and it is not unusual for the younger set to place a rather low value on compatibility. Perhaps, because they just don’t have the worldly experience to fully appreciate what incompatibility is and how devastating it can be. But, let us hope that they will appreciate the quality of their relationship.

Their Compatibility ratings are made up of mostly B grades (B+, B and B-) so; their relationship is on very solid ground. Neither of them however, is above outright manipulation and deception, so I would not vouch for the personal integrity of either of them. Hopefully, they will be mature enough to keep the relationship sacred and untarnished.

If these two somehow manage to let this slip away from them, we can only assume that one of the compatibility killers has had an effect. Those compatibility killers are: Severe emotional problems, Mental problems, Chemical dependence, Lack of maturity, Family interference, Ideology (political, religious, social status or perceived social status), Egomania and Lack of interest.
Good fortune, Joe and Ashley.

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