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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Compatibility

It is amazing to me that these two have kept their marriage intact this long. Their compatibility is dismal. So, what was it that caused these two to find each other and hop onto the marriage wagon? Apparently, nothing more complicated than their hormones. At least that is the only explanation I can come up with.
Please, Gwyneth & Chris, get divorced, already. You just have nothing to work with to justify prolonging this agony any longer.
Specifically:  You do not communicate well with each other, do not co-hebetate well, are excessively critical of one another, you do not work well as a partnership, do not renew your relationship well nor do you two socialize as a couple well. And, this is only the beginning.
A strong marriage, which these two do not have, requires a strong foundation, which we find in the Overall Practical Value that each person has for the other. Theirs is a C- grade. So, right from the start we see that their personalities do not combine well to create mutual respect. Next, we need to look at their Suitability Factor which also rates a C-. This tells us that they are rather ill suited to each other. Their Long Term Sexual Experience is graded a C+. This is the single highest score in their evaluation.
When we look into the relationship for the more subtle bonds we see that theirHarmony, which measures the peaceful and harmonious rhythm between them, is graded a D+. Synergismwhich measures their ability to enhance each other’s effectiveness, measures a C-. Their Function, which shows their ability to perform and freely function in each other’s presence and to function as a unified couple, is rated a C. Their Marriage rating is yet another C- grade, so they will not function well within the confines of marriage.
If we go deeper to evaluate the possible duration of their relationship, we find that theirLongevity, which predicts the probability of their relationship lasting, is graded a D+.Endurance measures the elasticity of their relationship and how flexible or brittle their tolerance for one another will be. They rate a C- here. And finally, their Stability grade measures how smooth their emotions are between them- are there frequent petulant outbursts or are they rather calm with one another. Their grade here is another D+.
Out of the 41 categories measured in an intimate love relationship, Gwyneth and Chris have 23 overall negatives, that calculates out at 56%. The general average for an intimate relationship is 12 negatives or 29%.

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  1. Wow, you predicted this four odd years ago! Well done!