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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer

Anna and Stephen did not do badly in their partner choices. Their compatibility is not earth shaking for its high ratings, but it is very workable. In time, hopefully, they will learn to blend as a couple more and more so that they will know how to make their marriage work for themselves and for each other.

A strong marriage requires a strong foundation, which we find in the Overall Practical Value that each person has for the other. Theirs is a C+ grade. So, right from the start we see that their personalities combine somewhat smoothly to create mutual respect. Next, we need to look at the Suitability Factor which also rates a C+. This tells us that they are rather well suited to each other. Their Long Term Sexual Experience is graded an A-, while their Love Bond rating is a B-. These last two grades, when they are high, create a strong feeling of love and dedication.

When we look into the relationship for the more subtle bonds we see that their Harmony, that measures the peaceful and harmonious rhythm between two people, is graded a C+. Synergism, that measures their ability to enhance each other’s effectiveness, measures a C-. Their Function shows their ability to perform and freely function in each other’s presence and to function as a unified couple, is rated a C+. We can see that their emotional bonds, that is to say, the interactions that endear lovers to each other, (aside from sex), as a group only slightly above average but, they function well together. Their Marriage rating is a B- grade, so they will function well within the confines of marriage.

If we go a little deeper to evaluate the possible duration of their relationship, we find that their Longevity, which predicts the probability of their relationship lasting, is graded a C+. Endurance measures the elasticity of their relationship and how flexible or brittle their tolerance for one another will be. They rate another C+ grade here. And finally, their Stability grade measures how smooth their emotions are between them- are there frequent petulant outbursts or are they rather calm with one another. Their grade here is a C-. So, they will tend to be impatient, and petulant with each other.

Let us look beyond this compatibility evaluation and move into their personality evaluations. These two do not communicate well with each other about matters of emotions and love. This leaves many attempted communications dangling in the air as innuendo and perceived slights, though they may not have been intended. Since they also do not accept criticism well from one another, some of the poor communication contributes to imagined nips. When this builds up to its capacity there will be yelling, hurt feelings and anger. Since communication skills are the tools required to relieve the pressure of these things, tools which they do not possess, the stresses and tensions will only build. The good news is that they can, in time, bridge around or over these areas since they both work well within partnerships and cooperate well with each other.

 Out of 41 categories measured in an intimate love relationship, Anna and Stephen have 10 overall negatives, that calculates out at 24%. The general average for an intimate relationship is 12 negatives or 29%.

Perhaps the most negative influence these two have upon their marriage is the Hollywood influence of instant gratification and a desire for more of everything without actually earning it.

Good luck Anna and Stephen. 

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