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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sharon & Ozzy Osborne Compatibility

We know that human compatibility is a complex study. These two remind us just how complex humans can be. All 11 of their grades for their compatibility evaluation, for example, are between A- and C+. All except one. And that one? . . . It’s their Stability grade- the very grade that measures how stable the emotions of the couple are and will be. Their grade is a C-. The results of this low grade have already played out many times between them. Sharon’s front teeth may still be in her head if this grade could have been higher. Together, Sharon and Ozzy become somewhat unpredictable and unstable emotionally. Add alcohol and drugs and this can spell serious disaster. They are both getting older now, so perhaps the violent outbursts will be less frequent. Except for this nasty area, their relationship is a good one.

When we look at their compatibility evaluation, we see that they have a B in their Overall Practical Value for each other, and they rate a B- in their Suitability for one another. Not a bad start. Next comes the glue that makes a couple completely crazy over one another if the grades are high: The Long Term Sexual Experience comes in with an A- with the Love Bond measuring a B. When these two high grades are bonded with a low stability grade, the couple could nearly kill each other and still want to stay together, despite the potential for danger, just as has happened with Sharon and Ozzy.

The Harmony between these two measures a B. Their Synergism that measures how much they increase each other’s effectiveness in ideas and action- that grade is a C+, while their Function grade is also a C+. Function measures the ability of two people to perform freely and function in each other’s presence and as a unified couple.

Their Longevity measurement projects the probability of their relationship lasting- that is a B. How about their Endurance grade which measures the elasticity or brittleness of their relationship- that also gets an A-. This lends to tolerance for each other. How about their Stability grade which measures how smooth or volatile these two will be with each other, as stated above; they get a C- here. Finally, there is the Marriage grade, or how well these two will function within the confines of a marriage, this one comes in with another B-.

A final note: Out of 41 categories measured in an intimate love relationship, Ozzy and Sharon have 11 overall negatives, that calculates out at 27%. The general average for an intimate relationship is 12 negatives or 29%.

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