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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Robert Redford & Sibylle Szaggars Compatibility

At a casual glance of the 41 areas that are evaluated for an intimate relationship, one may conclude that this is an ideal love and marriage relationship. Upon closer observation of their individual personality profiles however, it becomes clear that Robert, has secured, the best possible compatibility for who he is as a person and what suits he and Sibylle at this stage in their lives. These two are best friends and intimate partners more so, than romantic lovers. While a subtle love arises from such a profile, their bond is not based on romantic love as much as how they support each other’s ideas and interests and how the two of them function as one.

Neither of them communicates well and that is an issue in their closeness though, as we have seen in his movies Robert can communicate quite a lot without speaking. Neither is prone to gushy love and romance, so the bond they have suits each of them well. If they had tried to force this into a romantic relationship, they would have had to back away but they did not, so they enjoy quite a remarkable bond that is not encumbered with romantic idealism.

The 11 specific parts that make up their compatibility evaluation show the following:  The Overall Practical Value they have for each other and the Suitability of each of them has for the other both rate a B+. Their Long Term Sexual Experience is an A+, while their Love Bond gets a C+.
Their category of Harmony that is, the peaceful and harmonious rhythm between them comes in with an A-. Their Synergism that measures how much they increase each other’s effectiveness in ideas and action- that grade is a B+. While their Function grade is also a B+. Function measures the ability of two people to perform freely and function in each other’s presence and as a unified couple.

Their Longevity measurement projects the probability of their relationship lasting- that is an A. How about their Endurance grade which measures the elasticity or brittleness of their relationship- that also gets an A. This lends to tolerance for each other. How about their Stability grade which measures how smooth or volatile these two will be with each other. They get a B here. Finally, there is the Marriage grade, or how well these two will function within the confines of a marriage, this one comes in with another B.

Just as a final note: Out of 41 categories measured in an intimate love relationship, Robert and Sibylle have 8 overall negatives, that calculates out at 20%. The general average for an intimate relationship is 12 negatives or 29%.

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