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Friday, August 27, 2010

Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Compatibility

I would have liked to share the happy occasion of the marriage of these two. Sadly, I did their compatibility report instead. Look at the tabloid coverage and all the stories on the internet of how these are so lucky to have found each other. With support like that, one could feel as if everything is coming up roses. I can well suppose that Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter felt the same when they married in July of 1946. These two couples have a lot in common concerning their compatibility evaluation profile. The evaluations for each marriage are positively awful.

So, their friends thought the two should get together. Is this why they have committed to be Husband and Wife- to please their friends? It may have paid off for Carrie and Mike to look around a bit before committing to marriage. Having a “Fairy Tale Wedding” with lots of friends in attendance does not spell future tranquilly, fulfillment and happiness. Let’s see what they have to work with.

They have a D+ in their Overall Practical Value for each other, as well as their Suitability for one another. The Long Term Sexual Experience comes in with another D+ with their Love Bond also measuring a D+.

The Harmony between these two measures a C-. Their Synergism that measures how much they increase each other’s effectiveness in ideas and action- that grade is another C-, while their Function grade is a D-.  Function measures the ability of two people to perform freely and function in each other’s presence and as a unified couple.

Their Longevity measurement projects the probability of their relationship lasting- that is a D+. How about their Endurance grade which measures the elasticity or brittleness of their relationship- that gets a D. This lends to intolerance for each other. How about their Stability grade which measures how smooth or volatile these two will be with each other; they get a C- here. Finally, there is the Marriage grade, or how well these two will function within the confines of a marriage, this one comes in with another D+. 
Interestingly, there is an aspect in their personality profile that shows Carrie works very well within partnerships, Mike, not so much.  Her aptitude for cooperation within partnerships suggests that she will stick with this marriage regardless its lack of fulfillment.  This is common in very incompatible relationships where the two parties stay together for years.

A final note: Out of 41 categories measured in an intimate love relationship, Carrie and Mike have 24 overall negatives, that calculates out at 59%. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have 23 negatives or, 56%. The general average for an intimate relationship is 12 negatives or 29%.

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